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What Would You Do With An Extra 5,10,20 Targeted Leads Per Day?

This Brand-New Software

Turns Your Facebook Messenger Into A Color-Coded CRM And Generates TARGETED Traffic, Leads & Sales...ON "AUTOPILOT"!

(Using Just Your Facebook Profile)

"It's like having your own virtual assistant,

available to you 24/7..."

How Many Hours Are You Wasting Every Day

On Facebook Doing These Things Manually?

  • Finding targeted people in your niche on Facebook...​

  • Manually sending them friend requests...​

  • Sending them the first message in messenger...​

  • Keeping track of all the people you have talked to...​

  • Following up with potential customers...​

  • Replying to hundreds of comments on your posts...

  • Listen...

    Organic Facebook marketing is without a doubt one of the BEST ways to find and connect with your dream customers, without spending any money on paid ads...

    But you don't want to be glued for hours upon hours to your computer, finding and messaging all these people, do you?

    ...There Is A Better Way!

    What if I were to tell you that there is a brand-new software that will change your organic Facebook marketing forever?

    A tool so powerful......

    that it will generate you more qualified leads than you can handle...





    Facebook LeadsCRMs are chrome extensions that has been specifically created for busy entrepreneurs like you, that value their time and would like to generate more qualified leads and sales for their business...

    ...without having to do all the tedious tasks manually. ​

  • Automate most time-consuming & mundane tasks, without losing the organic and personal touch.

  • Send automated friend requests to targeted people in your niche, with a personalized welcome message with their first name, so you can focus your time on just the people that get back to you.

  • Hypertarget members of a specific group, by adding a profile tag your dream customers identify themselves as (Affiliate Marketer, Founder, CEO, Coach, Self Employed etc.)

  • Organize your messenger inbox by creating color-coded tags like “Follow Up”, “Hot Lead”, “Interested” etc. and tag people inside your Facebook messenger. You will know exactly who a person is and where that person is in your sales cycle.

  • Sort your leads based on a tag, which makes it super easy for you to follow up with them and never lose a sale because of not following up.

  • Send broadcast messages based on a specific tag, so you can save your time and don’t need to message them one by one.

  • Keep notes on people, so you never forget important information about a person.

  • Automatically reply to comments on your CTA posts, based on a specific keyword (like "info" or whatever you like) and send them a personalized message with the info they requested.

  • Here Is The Exact Process How Our CRM Will Make More Money For You!

    It's No Secret...

    If you've been marketing on Facebook longer than one day, then you've found out one universal truth...


    Which means that you need to be adding NEW people to your friends list and start conversations with them.

    This will lead to:

    1. You growing your audience of targeted people.

    2. You getting into more conversations with people, enabling you to potentially make sales.

    3. You getting more people seeing your content on Facebook.

    Is IT Time Consuming Right...?

    Yes... yes it IS time-consuming IF you do it all manually.

    But from the moment you start using our crm, you don't have to waste another minute messaging dead leads on Facebook...

    1- Genius Messenger CRM

  • Create color-coded tags like "Follow Up", "Hot Lead" etc. and tag people inside your messenger!

  • Add any notes to the person in messenger, so you never forget important information about them!

  • Create message templates that you can pull up with a single click, instead of rewriting them!

  • Always stay organized in your messenger inbox and make more sales talking to the right people!

  • Always know who the lead is and where they are in your sales cycle, enabling you to make more sales!

  • Watch Demo Video 

    Can You Already See How This Will Save You HOURS Every Single Day?

    But of course we are not stopping here...

    As you start growing your audience, you naturally WILL have more conversations with YOUR DREAM CUSTOMERS.

    Which leads us to the next fundamental truth:


    Would you agree with that statement?

    I am sure you do.

    However... this will lead you to face the next challenge...


    If you have no system in place which you can use to TRACK the people you are talking to...

    ...you are leaving THOUSANDS of dollars on the table.

    And you want to keep those thousands, don't you?

    2- Friend Connector

  • Automatically send friend requests with a personal welcome message, to targeted people!

  • Hypertarget people from any FB group, by adding a keyword your dream customer would identify as!

  • Add targeted and ENGAGED people that like a specific post from any profile, page or group!

  • Automatically add people and start conversations from the "People You May Know" column!

  • Spend less time looking for people and more time actually talking to potential customers!

  • Watch Demo Video 

    Don't You Find It Amazing?


    In just a few hours from now, you can turn your chaotic Facebook messenger inbox into your own, color-coded sales machine!

    Once you see the tags change, your organic Facebook marketing will never be the same...

    ...and you will be able to have MORE conversations with QUALIFIED leads, enabling you to make more money.

    However, there is one more important and essential truth you need to understand and apply if you are serious about building a highly profitable online business on Facebook...


    The truth is...

    Simply "sliding into the DMs" of others, building rapport, trying to be the doctor and "diagnose" a painpoint isn't enough anymore.

    Because here is the reality…

    The majority of people, especially in the high ticket space DO NOT buy on impulse.

    Heck, most of them don't even buy into the offer you are selling…

    Don't get me wrong, the offer (your vehicle) must be incredible.

    And they have to believe that this is what will get them to where they want to go…

    But more importantly, people must buy into YOU.

    They must feel like you are not just there to sell them something… but that you genuinely care about them and their desires.

    And in order to get to that point...

    3- Post Profit

  • You can use Post Profits on your business pages and even on your paid ads :) 

  • Post Profits will begin to automatically respond to all comments on your post strategically leveraging the Facebook Algorithm to get you maximum post exposure and engagement. 

  • It will also send out Direct Messages through Facebook messenger with your CTA link which will keep people commenting on your post to get the link. Way better than dropping it in the comments.

  • This is a big honey pot for organic marketing. Post Profits helps you turn your personal Facebook profile into a lead and sales engine. 

  • Facebook groups are a secret weapon to build an audience, get leads, and make sales. Post Profits works in any group. 

  • Watch Demo Video 

    Turn Your Facebook Into A 5-Figure Online Business!

    By now you probably realize that our facebook leads crm are not only tools that you WANT...

    ...but tools that you NEED in your organic Facebook marketing business.

    But there is one more thing to do for you to massively succeed...

    4- Engagement Monster

  • Make money online from your facebook friends

  • Skyrocket your organic facebook reach

  • Effortlessly boost your organic facebook reach on Autopilot

  • Reach More People, Collect More Leads, And Make More Sales

  • Engagement Monster will automate your engagement on facebook post

  • Watch Demo Video 


    If you don't follow up, someone else will...

    ...and you will be the one watching how your leads fall through the crack.

    But not anymore...

    5- Birthday Wisher

  • LEVERAGE your friends birthday to get leads and sales with just a click!!!

  • Birthday Wisher helps you to send automated wishes to all your Facebook friends who has their birthdays

  • It also allows you to send automated personal messages to everyone on their birthdays

  • Let's make their special day more special by wishing them or making them a special OFFER!!!

  • Use Birthday Wisher today if you want to make your Facebook friends feel SPECIAL and REMEMBERED

  • Watch Demo Video 

    People Are Using And They Are Happy See What They Are Saying About Facebook Leads CRM

    We Are Not Done Yet! If You Buy Today, You Will Also Receive Below Tools Absolutely FREE

    Biggest Fan

    Connect With Dream Client By Becoming Their Biggest Fans & Get Noticed During Live Content Posts

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    Turn Your Facebook Into A Highly Targeted Traffic Leads Generation Machine By Decluttering Your Feed

    Biggest Fan

    Clone Any Clickfunnels Sales Funnels In Just 2 Clicks

    We Provide The Software – You Provid The Ethics 

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    Clone Any Groovefunnels Sales Funnels In Just 2 Clicks We Provide The Software – You Provid The Ethics 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is Facebook Lead CRM for?

    It doesn't matter if you are an online coach, dentist, realtor, service owner, affiliate marketer promoting high ticket programs, a network marketer working with a company or a coach & consultant looking for more clients......as long as your audience is on Facebook, Facebook Leads CRM is for you.

    Is my Facebook account safe?

    Yes. Facebook Lead CRM was designed to mimic human behavior. There are randomized intervals on how long the extension will wait before doing the next task. Through message segments, the messages you are sending are unique and not simple "copy & paste" messages.

    I am not really technical, is there some setup training?

    Yes. There is step by step video training on how to set up and use it to it's maximum efficiency. If you are still stuck or don't know what to do, you will be able to reach out to support and we will be able to help you out ASAP.

    How many friend requests can I send per day?

    There is no cap on what Facebook leads crm allows you to do. We haven't been able to "break the limits" of what is the maximum friend requests sent per day. With that said, we do NOT encourage you adding more than 30-50 people per day. If you are just starting out on Facebook, take it slow and warm your profile up, before increasing the numbers.

    How do I cancel my subscription if I don't like it?

    If you are on trial simply reply an email to from which you receive your login ID and Passwrod, and we will cancel your free trial.

    If you are on a paid subscription, You can click the self cancellation link in the email that you received from us.

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

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